Coconut Oil Can Help Your Skin

10 Ways Coconut Oil Can Help Your Skin

Coconut oil gets a lot of credit for being a magical substance that can soften your skin, brighten your complexion, heal your wounds, and give you smooth, gorgeous hair. Well, we’re here to tell you . . .

 . . . it’s all true. Except for the “magical” part. Coconut oil is no doubt amazing, but every amazing thing this plant oil does can be traced back to science. Packed with fatty acids that carry antibacterial properties, block UV rays, and deeply moisturize your skin, the many benefits of coconut oil are easy to explain.

Here are ten proven and incredible ways to love your skin with coconut oil.

1: Coconut Oil Used As Body Oil 

Coconut oil contains emollients. You know that rough, cracking, alligator thing your skin does when it’s dry? Oil-rich emollients fill those cracks with lipids, smoothing out the surface. Plus, coconut oil contains a lot of vitamin E, which promotes skin growth and repair and prevents premature aging. And all you need to put these benefits into action is to apply coconut oil and rinse the next time you’re in the shower. You’ll look and feel like a skincare ad in no time.

2: Coconut Oil as Makeup Remover

Coconut oil is actually an outstanding makeup remover. The oil attracts dirt and makeup, and it has antibacterial properties. Gently rub the oil into your dry skin, then gently rinse. That’s it. Not only is this method effective in getting the gunk off, it also moisturizes your skin and is easy on your eyes, so you don’t have to worry about irritation.

3: Coconut Oil Facial Cleanser 

Speaking of antibacterial properties, coconut oil is also a highly effective ingredient when used in facial cleansers. The oil cleanses, hydrates, and prevents aging. That said, you should also know that coconut oil is comedogenic, which is a fancy way of saying it can clog your pores, causing acne and blackheads. While some people swear by coconut oil as a stand-alone facial cleanser, your best bet is to look for an all-natural cleanser that contains coconut oil diluted by other ingredients.

4: Cold Sore Treatment 

While coconut oil won’t be your overnight remedy for a cold sore, the capric, caprylic, and lauric acids it contains will help you fight it faster. These three fatty acids have antimicrobial and disinfectant properties to help accelerate healing, reduce scarring, and alleviate pain. Just dab a little oil on the sore.

5: Treatment for Skin Conditions

Struggling with eczema? Rosacea? Psoriasis? Studies have shown that individuals regularly using coconut oil to treat their skin disease saw a notable decrease in symptoms. The deep hydration coconut oil provides can help you recover from flare-ups faster. Plus, the oil possesses anti-inflammatory properties that help calm the skin.

6: Coconut Oil For Sunburn Relief 

Now you know that coconut oil hydrates skin and reduces inflammation. Is it any wonder that this miracle ingredient could be your best friend when it comes to sunburn recovery? Slather that miserable burn-in coconut oil and look forward to faster-than-ever relief.

As an interesting side note, coconut oil also offers some degree of sun protection. But take that more as a fun fact than a piece of advice. At only around SPF 4, your favorite plant-based oil is no substitute for sunscreen.

7: Lip Balm 

Remember what we said about the emollients in coconut oil filling in the cracks of your skin? The same goes for your lips. Dab a little directly onto your lips or look for a balm with coconut oil in the ingredients list. 

8: Replacement for Shaving Cream

Don’t worry about shave cream crusting up the gaps in your razor anymore. A thin layer of coconut oil ensures a close shave with no razor burn. Not to mention, your legs will be softer than they ever were with that goopy gel. Important tip: use extra caution as coconut oil makes the shower floor super slippery. Step carefully and use a towel to wipe the floor for the next person. 

9: Dry Scalp Treatment

As long as you’ve got coconut oil in the shower with you, rub a little into your scalp. If you struggle with dandruff, the moisturizing properties of coconut oil will hydrate your skin and reduce flakiness.

10: Putting Coconut Oil on Stretch Marks

Not only can coconut oil help prevent stretch marks by hydrating your skin, but it can also help reduce the appearance of those pesky lines once they’ve already happened. Believe it or not, this oil can brighten the skin, especially when mixed with a little lemon juice. Simply massage the mixture into your stretch marks.

As you can see, the benefits of coconut oil are pretty wide-reaching. And these are only our very favorite uses for the stuff. From healing wounds to providing radiant skin, there’s almost nothing coconut oil can’t do.

If you’re looking for more ways to incorporate the anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, skin-hydrating talents of coconut oil into your beauty routine, we recommend checking out Le Lores’ Organic French Olive & Coconut Oil Body Wash. With all-natural ingredients including coconut oil, this body wash is our favorite shortcut to a soft and radiant glow.

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You know, I remember my grandma used coconut oil on my hair, growing up i have a shiny and long hair.
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In fact, I have been reading a lot of articles recently and this article about the best supplements for skin, I found out natural supplements are still best to achieve beautiful skin.


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