What Makes a Natural Soap Good for Dry & Sensitive Skin

What Makes a Natural Soap Good for Dry & Sensitive Skin

No one wants to feel like a lizard that’s been left out in the sun. No one we know, anyway. But dry skin is a rough reality for a lot of women. Whether the cause is harsh winter weather, genetics, or simply the unfair side-effects of graceful aging, dry skin is uncomfortable and can rob you of your natural glow.

Fortunately, if you know how to protect and preserve your skin, those itchy patches and that tight feeling can be problems of the past.

You likely know that soap is a common culprit when you find your skin drained of its natural moisture. The good news is that staying clean doesn’t have to mean stripping your epidermis of the water and oil (sebum) that keeps it soft and bright. The right soap can both cleanse effectively and lock in moisture.

But in a beauty aisle packed with bottles promising to moisturize, how do you know what the “right soap” actually is? And if you have sensitive skin, how do you know which ingredients will help you without causing new problems?

To put it simply, you’re looking for these natural elements:

Emollients to Soften Skin

Do you know how dry skin can start to feel rough and rugged? It tightens, cracks, and can even flake. That’s where emollients come in. Emollients do their job at the cellular level. When your skin starts to crack, oil-rich emollients fill the cracks with lipids, making the surface smooth again. As is the case with most things in life, the gentlest and most effective emollients are found in natural substances like coconut oil and argan oil.

Occlusive Oils to Lock in Moisture

Emollients are rockstars when it comes to returning moisture to your skin, but it’s the occlusive agents that prevent those cold winds or hot showers from drying you out all over again. Occlusive agents trap moisture against the surface and appear frequently in heavier oils like sesame or olive oil. Because they don’t typically add moisture to skin on their own, they work best as a partner to emollients, creating a barrier to lock in all that hard-earned moisture. Hence, our Organic French Olive & Coconut Oil Body Wash, combining the emollient properties of coconut oil with the occlusive oils in olive.

Glycerin to Draw Moisture to the Surface

Glycerin is remarkably attractive . . . and we mean that literally. This ingredient is a humectant, which means it draws water to itself like some kind of hydration magnet. So, when glycerin comes in contact with your skin, it draws water from the deeper layers up to the surface. The result is a smooth, healthy complexion.

It’s important to note that these three ingredients—emollients, occlusive agents, and glycerin—do their best work when they operate as a team. The perfect soap will contain all three. That said, there is one more essential element when it comes to the ultimate formula for addressing dry skin.

Natural Ingredients to Moisturize and Protect Your Skin

As we’ve established, the wrong soap can be the whole reason for dry skin in the first place. This is because so many cleansing products contain harsh chemicals that strip skin of its natural oils. Even synthetic fragrances can be hard on sensitive skin. Organic and natural products, on the other hand, work with your skin to keep it healthy and radiant.

Your struggle with dry, sensitive skin ends today. You now know how to avoid the harsh substances that rob your skin of its radiance and how to recognize the ingredients that will transform you from a lizard back to the moisture-rich mermaid you are meant to be. One last tip? You can begin your search for all-natural soaps and body washes formulated for dry and sensitive skin right here at lelores.com.

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I’m glad you talked about the importance of choosing the right soap to help protect your skin. Recently, I’ve started to worry more about my self-care routine. I’ve started to practice yoga and eat healthier, and I want to take care of my dry skin, so I’ll be sure to follow your tips. Thanks for the advice on how to choose a natural soap for your needs.https://singingflowerstudio.com/product/balsam-fir-soap-1-bar/

Eli Richardson

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