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All Natural French Soap & Body Wash by Le Lores

Le Lores creates natural bath and beauty products that surpass purity standards, all with a joyful French indulgence. They deliver pure, natural, and organic products made entirely in France and formulated by French pharmacists and biologists specializing in developing natural products. According to Le Lores Founder/CEO Harvey Jia, “We work hard not only to avoid toxic chemicals but also to maximize the percentage of natural and organic ingredients in each of our products.” Le Lores is also one of the few bath and beauty companies that openly discloses the exact percentage of purity in each of their products.

Exemplifying their passion and commitment, all Le Lores products are plant-based and contain no parabens, phthalates, dyes, or synthetic fragrances, Le Lores’ product line is constantly expanding, and their current collection contains four main products including:

  • Olive and Coconut Oil Body Wash (100% Natural, 12% Organic): Le Lores Olive and Coconut Oil Body Wash welcomes you to a peaceful world immersed in a soothing body wash that revives dry, dull skin. Le Lores’ exclusive blend of nourishing olive and coconut oils are enhanced by the protective properties of glycerin and the inviting fragrance of lavender flower water.
  • Citrus Hand Wash (98% Natural, 30% Organic): Whether gardening or cooking, Le Lores Citrus Hand Wash gives you a good clean and ample moisture after hand-intensive activities. It’s made of a unique combination of natural ingredients that clean your hands thoroughly while it moisturizes and heals them, leaving them silky smooth, fragrant, and clean.
  • Modern Soap (99.9% Natural, 95% Organic): Le Lores Modern Soap is specially formulated with 99.9% natural ingredients to clean and hydrate your skin while leaving it fragrance-free. Unlike traditional soaps, it contains no harsh parabens, dyes, phthalates, petrochemicals, or other known allergens or irritants that can irritate sensitive skin. Its exclusive French formula of natural cleaning ingredients, moisturizers, and antioxidants leaves everyone in your family feeling clean and refreshed.
  • Olive Marseille Soap (99.8% Natural, 80.4% Organic): Le Lores Marseille Soap is made to nourish and clean your skin naturally, leaving it deliciously soft. The natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of its pure vegetable oils can also repair dry, irritated skin, and help heal skin troubled by acne or eczema. Formulated for use on both your face and body, it can unclog pores, smooth your skin, and give you a clearer complexion with youthful radiance. Yet it's so natural and gentle it’s also an excellent choice for delicate baby skin.

Le Lores products aren’t just great for you, they create great results. Take it from Le Lores’ happy customers:

  • Marissa, 24, Citrus Hand Wash: This is the best natural body wash I’ve used so far. Feels awesome! I bought three!”
  • Julia, 37, Olive Marseille Soap: “I bought this because I’m trying to stop using synthetic chemicals. So glad I did! Makes my skin so soft too!”
  • Jessica, 31, Olive & Coconut Body Wash: “I was looking for a natural, unscented body wash and am so happy I found this. It leaves me feeling clean and moisturized.”
  • Hannah, 26, French Modern Soap: “So luxurious feeling. It lathers up really well and feels very nice on my skin. And best of all it is fragrance-free (yea!!!)”
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