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Why Cruelty-Free Products Are Better For You

According to Cruelty Free International, half a million animals are sacrificed to cosmetics testing  annually. That’s half a million bunnies, rats, mice, and dogs (yes, we said dogs) sacrificed every year in the name of human beauty. If you’ve ever snuggled a bunny, you probably don’t need another reason to choose cruelty-free products. But in case you do, consider this:

Animal testing isn’t only bad for animals. It’s bad for humans, too.

Now, with incredible advancements in science and research, scientists can accurately test for the human body’s response to new ingredients without involving animals. Alternative testing methods include using computer models, cell cultures, and human tissues. Beauty companies even conduct volunteer studies, enabling them to test products on real, willing humans. Bonus: these study subjects will not be euthanized when the study is over.

In addition to being easier on your conscience, these alternative methods are also more beneficial to your personal health and environment. Here are a few more reasons to look for “cruelty-free” on the label.

Animal Testing is Unreliable 

You may have noticed that you are neither rat nor mouse nor bunny nor dog. Logic then follows that animal tests cannot provide the most accurate feedback on how your body will react to new formulas. In fact, Cruelty Free International explains:

“Crude skin allergy tests in guinea pigs only predict human reactions 72% of the time. But a combination of chemistry and cell-based alternative methods has been shown to accurately predict human reactions 90% of the time.”

The facts seem pretty clear. Traditional animal testing isn’t just cruel; it’s less reliable than alternative methods.

Cruelty-Free Testing Meets a Higher Standard 

You know that one person at work who gets away with being terrible at their job just because they’ve been with the company forever?

Yeah, that’s animal testing. It’s a method of research that has been around for so long, no one questions its validity. Animal testing doesn’t have to meet a standard for accuracy in order for companies to use it. 

Newer alternatives, on the other hand, have to undergo a process of validation before companies can use these methods to prove their product is safe for humans. Every method of testing has to be proven at least as reliable as animal testing. As we’ve already established, alternative testing is most often more accurate.

Animal Testing is Bad for the Environment

Animal testing is significantly more wasteful than cruelty-free alternatives. For one thing, think of all the equipment, food, bedding, and animal waste that comes out of a facility that houses live creatures. Computers and human cells are much lower maintenance and generate significantly less garbage.

For another thing, animal testing most frequently happens when a cosmetic company wants to add a new chemical ingredient to their products. In the hopes of beating out the competition with a super effective, brand new formula, they subject thousands of animals to chemical testing. This, in turn, creates chemical waste.

On that note . . .

Cruelty-Free Products are Natural Products

Okay, this isn’t always true. It is possible to perform cruelty-free tests for chemical ingredients.

Regardless, you may notice that many cruelty-free products are also all-natural and organic. Why? Because there is a huge list of natural products that have already been proven safe for humans. Companies who choose to use ingredients from this list don’t have to perform animal testing because they already know their formula is safe, gentle, and effective. 

In truth, animal testing is often a result of beauty companies trying to get ahead with potent new chemicals. We know natural is always better. The right combination of natural ingredients can cleanse, soothe, and soften. And because there are no harmful chemicals, you can be sure all-natural, cruelty-free products are always safe to use. Even better, no bunny had to suffer just to prove it.


If you could use a tip on finding affordable, cruelty-free products that are great for your skin and for your conscious, please visit us at We prioritize your health and well-being with plant-based, Certified Organic ingredients.

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